Comprehensive hairdressing salon equipment – Fedoryszyn Studio

In 2017, we had the great pleasure of building the interior of the hairdressing salon Fedoryszyn Studio. The living room was designed by Blue Cat Studio from Wrocław. The dominant theme in this project was brass, gold and aged mirrors, also in gold shades. The hairdressing salon located in the Angel Wings building in Walońska Street in Wrocław is characterized by the highest quality of hairdressing services provided by a team led by Mr. Grzegorz Fedoryszyn. The design of the premises reflects the character and professionalism of the team.

Furniture and furnishings for hairdressing salons on request

For the purposes of this project, we have carried out, among other things

  • the development of a café bar
  • buildings at the reception desk
  • pivoting partition from aged mirrors
  • hairdressers’ assistants
  • hairdressing salons with mirrors
  • furniture
  • perforated ceilings dispatched
  • tailor-made lighting
  • metal doors in Icon Loft system
  • vestibule

All elements supplied for Fedoryszyn Studio were designed and manufactured to order.